Student and Work portfolio of programmer and author James Record
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Over the past ten weeks me and a team of four other programmers and three artists (so eight of us in total) have been working to produce a simulation management game in the Unreal development kit (UDK).

The game is called Destination Space: the financial frontier, and is themed around a commercial space station. In the game the player has to build buildings for customers to use and spend money in while maintaining the overall space station at the same time. The people will wander around the space station until they get hungry, need the toilet or get bored, once one of these needs occurs they seek out a building of that type, for example, if they are hungry they will look for a restaurants.

If they don't find a restaurant soon enough they will get bored and possibly leave. The player's overall performance is determined by how happy the people are while at the same time trying to make as much money as possible.

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