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BioRift is a video game project that I have been working on in a team of 11 (3 programmers and 8 artists) for a university project.

The game is a blend of a top-down shooting game but with puzzles and interactive environments as the key game mechanics. The player takes the role of a solider from the near future that is sent into a research facility where a parasitic lifeform has broken loose and turned human hosts into zombie-like creatures. Using the players three Rift devices; the portal glove, the gravity gun and the energizer and also an assault rifle, the player must prevent the outbreak of the infestation.

Using the Portal Temporal Rift Glove the player can go between the past (shortly after the outbreak, when only the parasites occupy the building), and the present, where fully mutated zombies roam the corridors of the abandoned facility. He can access areas that are otherwise impassable to get through the puzzles (for example; the tutorial puzzle is a door that is locked in present, but open in the past, and vice versa later). He may use the gravity gun to move furniture around the room and barricade corridors and doorways to slow down the humanoid zombies and allow the player to continue into the next area.

The gun also only slows the zombies and cannot be used to kill them, a unique feature for a game with zombies and requires the player to think for himself more and to focus on the puzzle elements.

Here is our game trailer.

Here is our gameplay video.

Download the game demo as it existed on 19th December 2012. Link

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