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Writing Ghost 2.1 is now available for testing and download. Download the latest version of our writing ghost software which allows you to safely transfer writings without others being able to access the data.

Version 2.1 has made many improvements from 2.0. Now includes chapter manager, improved loading and saving efficiency, improved spell checker, many bug fixes. 2.1 is backwards compatible with 2.0 and 1.1 files however once saved in the new 2.1 format, you will not be able to open in older versions. Also fixed the problem with running on 64 bit machines as it now loads from the Documents folder instead of the Program Files. Please give us as much feedback as you can, such as; features that are not in but you want in, features that need improving and of course any bugs or unexpected errors that you find.

You can contact us in the Forums or by Email.

Click here to view the changelog.

To download the latest version click Here

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